Linux Sysadmin Test Prep


In this first edition everything is written for Ubuntu.

This is not a tutorial. There are more than enough tutorials on most of these topics. Here we have reference sheets, quizes, and exercises.

Throughout these exercises, you are expected to find the commands to complete the task. The goal is to expose gaps in understanding in a systematic way that helps you learn this subject comprehensibly.

We start with some pretty basic stuff, but not at the absolute beginning. Before you start, you should know the most elementary commands like ls, pwd, cd, cp, mv, sudo, etc.

The material builds sequentially in a logical order.

What to expect

For the first unit all you need is a command line, starting with "Downloading Files" there will be interactive exercises.

Later you will work with containers, networking, and so on, until you have covered all of the fundamental skills of Linux System Administration!

Finding Answers

This website should be useful, but it's incomplete to answer every question.

There are examples in /LinuxAdminTestPrep/examples/, and sometimes, answers in /LinuxAdminTestPrep/answers/.

Often there are multiple correct commands to quiz questions, only the result matters (unless otherwise noted). You can find the reference command used to evaluate your quiz answers in the quiz files.

If you can't find the answer, or don't understand what you found... DuckDuckGo is your friend.

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